Monday, July 19, 2004

Derby Bowl recap

Well, needless to say, UL-TIMATE got a butt woopin' this weekend. Saturday began a day of games for seeding in which our record was 0-4. Sunday we played one more game to get our final seeding, in which we lost, and then we began the tournament. Our first game of the tournament was against Western Kentucky, a college club team. Hey guys, do you remember our game against Western Kentucky? One of their handlers/mids was a guy named Tony (I don't remember his last name). He was in our Summer League. He is a really good thrower and a quick little piece of...(yea). Anyway I was marking him most of the time. We did very well against these guys. I forget was the halftime score was, but I'm thinking it might have been around 8-3 Western. We fought back in the second half and won it 16-14. But that was pretty much our glory for this tournament.

This being our first time in a tournament and playing together, I think we did well. I could definitely see our progress playing as a team as the weekend went on. This was a good experience and I'm glad we did it. It's not everyday you unite JP's Jacobians and Waq-a-Shaq.


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