Saturday, July 17, 2004

Derby Bowl!!

Here are some words to live by from our captain.  I thought these were well worth posting... 

The talk: ever since we all committed to compete and represent uofL in Derby Bowl, i have become more and more excited about this as it has gotten closer.  And here it is, we're just a day away before we compete with our sport in a way that we have never done.  I feel that we are very prepared and have taken the time to get better and have a better understanding for the game.  All i ask of you this weekend is that we all compete.  And when i say compete, i mean that we never let up for one play in this tournament.  Though we are not as experienced as most teams entering this weekend, I believe that our chemistry and how hard we'll play will make this an enjoyable competition.  So we might drop some passes, miss some cuts, make some mistakes.  SO WHAT.  If you turn it over, work that much harder to make them turn it over and get it back.  Don't get down on yourself of each other.  Just remember to play for the moment, and believe that every minute you play can make a difference in the outcome if you work as hard as you can.  Work together, we have 13 good athletes and we'll have plenty of bodies to sub.  When you're on the field, play for each other and work hard every play. 
So... Tomorrow night, watch rocky, read about steve prefontaine, drink water, and get ready.  Get ready because satuday is going to be intense and a lot of  fun.  This is going to be our day to represent and compete for each other and UofL.  Believe that this weekend we will truly be UL-TIMATE.

Let's go get 'em!


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