Tuesday, July 20, 2004


This topic, among others, is something I have debated over with friends, and have tried to come to a final stance on, however with no success thus far. If you are in the same situation, come follow the arguments in Adam's journal. So far there have been 4 posts and many comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, This is your little sister finally leaving you a post. Well, you know me and how crazy I can get on the topic of homosexuality. Of course, because I'm curious and also very stupid, I checked out Adam's page the other night. I couldn't sleep for hours afterward. I didn't bother to post a comment, it's simply pointless...it would not make any difference and it would only nauseate me to do so. I just want you to know, and you can even tell Adam for me, that if he wasn't my friend, and I didn't love him, I could very easily hate him. I cannot tell you how many holes I found in his "theories" and I'm sure you know that I could expound for hours as to why I think he's very wrong, and his small-mindedness is very sad, but I won't do that to you, big brother. I just was hoping to find out from you as to whether you actually believe any of his bullshit...because if you do, I think I might cry....or vomit...one of the two. Anyways, I love you, Mike, and I hope to talk to you soon. Ris

Blogger Parris said...

I posted on adam's blog on the church's stance on homosexuality. There is a great book that I will give to you when I return titled "Sex and Marriage." I guarentee you that you will come from that book with a different perspective.

Ris, are you Catholic? If so, then there are more definative arguements for your belief system. Being protestant, it's hard to argue from the Bible, because people can intepret verses different ways. By being Catholic, you submit yourself to a Chruch who's doctrine is infallible where there's no question as to what the intrepretation is. I encourage you to pray about this some more. If you are Catholic, spend some time in front of the Blessed Sacrament in contemplative prayer. Saint Martin of Tours in Louisville has a 24hour adoration chapel.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember to debate with friends and to debate with your self are very different. If you don't know where you stand, then your thoughts are going to take the side with the majority during debates. I only have read about half of the postings/comments (running out of time) but they bring up many good points.

Before someone makes up their mind about any decision it is very important to learn all the facts. From what I read the postings/comments bring up very good facts and ideas. However many of them are one sided. Obviously I can not argue with the facts that are brought up about the catholic belief because it is 'infallible'.

But form the point of view of knowing a few homosexuals and hearing what they must go through in their mind on day to day bases, it makes me think about this subject. One of them I know goes to Church and prays to Jesus and God (Yes, with a Capital G) because he believes and wants to belong. And then for him to always hear (from other sinners) how he is not welcomed in God's house because of the way he was born.

To love and accept all others like Jesus loves and accepts us does not mean that depending on their sexual preference we get to choose to accept them or not.

I not saying I disagree with the Catholic Church on its rulings or any other Christian beliefs on the subject. I am just saying as someone who struggles everyday to try to come closer to God, and who fails on repeated occasions to resist certain sins I feel as if I have been given no right to say anything against homosexuals who are trying to believe in God while other Christians say they are not accepted.

And when I say that other Christians say they are not accepted, I am not talking about when people post on these message board or are havening a debate on it. I am talking about how they react in a social setting when the word gay is brought up or they actually see two men holding hands.

Well I running out of time so I must go but next time you come home we should have a night of serious discussion on all kinds of topics and anyone who wants can come.

Oh if you or anyone else who read this have and questions or comments feel free to email me: LusherD@nku.edu that’s right NKY till I die (or move to the west coast).

~ David

Blogger Michael-Fay said...

Sends, I have read nearly all the posts and comments on Adam's blog about homosexuality. I feel, to say the least, charged and incensed. Although, I'm not as affected as Ris. :) I have my own views on the matter, which correspond to the teachings of the Catholic Church to my best knowledge of it. I know I am probably wrong on several ideas I have about Church Doctrine, but I believe to the highest degree that my feeble mind is capable of contemplating.

There is nothing I can say change anyone's mind on Adam's blog; so I'm not even going to try. I am very happy to see young Christians hashing this out and searching for some resolution! I have but one comment to make to those who will read your blog:

I think it is very important to differentiate between the terms homosexuality and gay. Being a homosexual (as many have presumed in Adam's blog) does not make one a sinner; it simply means that you have a difficult road ahead of you. This simply refers to deep carnal urges and desires that express themselves in our consciousness. Gay refers to the actions carried out between homosexuals. Having the thoughts is not something the afflicted person can change. Not acting on them is a different story. One person said something like this in the melee of comments. Being homosexual is not a sin; the sin comes from acting on it, just as with heterosexual relationships.

I think that two men, or two women, can be best friends and spend as much time together as a heterosexual couple; they can be equally Loving and spiritually compatible. This is not sin. Living together and Loving (capital L to show God's Love) each other is not a sin. Just as loving your father is pure and Holy, so is this Loving relationship. However, to go beyond this stage and include any sort of physical contact not appropriate between a parent and child is sinful.

This, as far as I know, is in accordance with the Catholic Church. I can bear to go any further with this discussion online. I agree with Dave that we should get together and pray and talk about what we THINK is right.

Oh and Dave, as eloquent as Ris can be and as wordy and thoughtful as I sometimes get - the comment you posted has to be the most beautiful thing I've read today. I am not surprised; I expected nothing less.

Blogger Andy said...

I realize that this comment may never be looked at because it is so far removed from the timing of the original post, however having just stumbled upon it I thought I would leave a comment.

When a person such as myself finds that they are different from most, if not all of their friends beacause they are a homosexual it is a really scary moment. I think I first put it all together for myself when I was a freshmen or sophomore in high school. I started attending the Sunday morning youth services at SECC back when it was on Hikes lane. Of course now I can look back and see the signs appeared much earlier than my high school days. Dutifully, I would attend the SECC youth services and I would pray a lot. I had a real bible for the first time in my life...not one of those little green New Testament bibles, but a copy of the NIV bible. When I went through confirmation in the Methodist church, we used bibles at the church.

I suppose that the point of me saying all this is that it upsets me a great deal when arguments arise about homosexuality because there is seldom any middle ground. It is usually a harsh, two sided argument and after all the arguing that goes on, no one has changed their mind. It also hurts when people insist that I should pray on it more. I have prayed more for help and guidance on this than anything in my life, I can't say that I have found much comfort in that.

Anyhow, Mikey, I hope you don't mind that I have left a comment. I hope you keep blogging.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy, I see you left a comment on this blog. A little belated, but that's ok. You can leave a comment on any of them at any time and I'll know (because I am all knowing...well actually) because it's emailed to me. Also, don't be afraid to leave comments. The more the merrier. I understand what you mean about this discussion coming up. It does lead to a lot of harshness, and many minds are unchanged after it is all said and done. But just to let you know my side...I do not believe there it is wrong to be homosexual. I see homosexuals just as I see everyone else.


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