Saturday, July 24, 2004

The New Apartment

Well, Momo and I are pretty much finished moving into Bent Creek. The only thing we have left to get are the washer and dryer (which I happen to be in NKY to get right now), an entertainment center, and either a couch or some more chairs. Our living room is rather lacking on furniture, and it is pretty much empty space right now. Other than our rooms, we are pretty much still in the process of organizing everything right now, which happens to be my favorite part of moving. I love being able to take a bunch or randomness and make some order out of it. Momo is the same way, and I guess that is why we make such good apartment mates when it comes to keeping the place nice. In fact, Anson refered to our last apartment as "the cleanest apartment I have ever seen."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate Bent Creek.


(just kidding, it's really parris)

Blogger Hinton said...

RoFL @ Parris

Morris isn't clean Mikey, just to warn you. He leaves cereal bowls in the kitchen sink and doesn't bother to wash the milk out so after about a week there are tiny animals growing in it. ;-)

Blogger Michael-Fay said...

Gosh Mikey...Update your blog. I mean, for goodness sake!!


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