Tuesday, July 27, 2004

An Update

I just got the internet hooked up in the new apartment. I'm excited. So that's why I haven't updated in a while...Michael you inconsiderate bleap head. Anyway, I'm really liking this new place. It's really cool because there are quite a few people around us that Matt and I know, so I think this place is going to kick some butt, not to mention that there is a sweet "back yard" area where we can toss frisbee.

Matt just had his knee surgery (he tore his ACL) done Monday morning. He came home feeling awful because the morphine wasn't agreeing with him too well. He's feeling much better now though. Mama Morris is staying with us also to help out with Matt. I asked her if she wanted to take Robb's place so that she could cook for us all the time. Well, at least I tried. Jordan has been coming over too (obviously because he lives in the same complex, and I'm sure he likes us better than his roommate). So, I've been seeing him a lot and I'm beginning to really like that guy.

Only three and a half weeks left of night shift. Woo Hoo! When people ask me how co-op is going, all I can say is, "I'll be glad to be done." Now it's not too bad I suppose, but this night shift business really wears a guy out. They say you get used to it after a while. That's true to a certain extent, but I can never make it through the night without almost falling asleep. If you stop moving, it's extremely hard to try to stay awake. So it'll be good once co-op is over, but then I don't know what I'm going to do for money, especially if I'm going to buy the car below (haha). I don't think there's any way I can have a job and go to school at the same time. Oh well, it'll work out.

Take care everyone.


Blogger Hinton said...

Mikey man...

Maybe you should consider THIS car instead. It's a lot more in your range for one, and for two it's a 2002! ;-)

Blogger David said...


KIAs are much better than Subarus.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to throw up.

Blogger David said...

Mo-mo already did.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really wonder how anyone who would buy a used KIA could make it this far in life. If you want a REAL car check out this one...


(I know it's long but if you don't know how to copy and paste you would be the type to buy a used KIA.)


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