Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Various things

Today is the day I start my one summer class. I'm taking History 102, which is basically the history of civilizations between the year 1500 and the present. If you are wondering why I am taking a class while on co-op, it's because I changed majors my second semester from Computer Engineering to Civil Engineering. I realize that these two have nothing in common, but I came to college wanting to be either of these, and now I am only interested in one of these (at least I hope I'm interested). Oh, but anyway, when I changed major I fell behind one elective, and so now it's catch up time for me.

Well, it looks like University Park Apartments is not going to work out. Matt and I are really wanting to move into another place (Bent Creek...really because this is the only choice we have left) but it's just a matter of getting Robb to move in with us and not hate us forever (Robb really wants to move into UPA). He said he wouldn't back out on us though, so I guess that just leaves the "hating us forever" part. Oh Robb, please don't throw away the friendship that we started two summers ago.

My leg still hurts. I hurt it playing ultimate a couple of weeks ago and continued playing on it, so it never got better. I've been icing and heating it this past week. Sometimes it feels better and sometimes it doesn't. It's weird. I really want it to be better for Sunday so I can kick some butt in the summer league tournament. Oh well, I'll have another chance...there's another tournament the following weekend.

Well, that's it. I'm off to start my class.


Blogger David said...

Why don't you get a REAL injury like Matt has??? I'm just, I'm serious.

Blogger Michael-Fay said...

I'm not sure who David is, but I'm with him. I'm sure you could manage to get a better injury next time.

Blogger Melodie said...

you old men engineers are all falling apart


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