Thursday, August 26, 2004

Back in School

I'm back everyone. I'm sorry that I've been a slacker on blogging, but I've been really busy this week. Classes are going to be nuts this semester. But that's ok. I'm really glad to be back and seeing everybody again. It is so nice to have everyone back together again. I love it.

Classes are going to be rough. Doing steel design homework I'm thinking might turn out to be like doing Paz's structural homework, only this time it's graded. So uh...yea. Geomechanics is a toss up for me. I had Bob Ulrich before for statics and that was cake. I think he teaches in a way that is easy to understand and pick up on the material. I'm hoping it won't be too hard, and if it is, oh well. It will definitely be interesting to me, since I'm hoping on going for an environmental degree. Surface water hydrology will definately be a cool class not only because of the material, but because Dr. French rules. Art History, World Religions, and Professional Co-op seminar...Leanne, you can just....oh, I better stop there.

Other than that, I'm trying to stay in shape by going to the gym. As soon as my leg gets better it's back to running as well, and of course, playing ultimate. I'm also planning on going out and buying a digital camera as well. If you have any suggestions, please suggest. Talk to you later guys. I'm gone.


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