Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I'm Poor Now

Hey everyone. Check out what I just bought. I figured since I always seem to want to take pictures of people and events, but never have a camera, it was time to buy one.

  • 4.0-megapixel CCD for high-resolution images
  • 3x optical/3.6x digital zoom (11x combined zoom)
  • 1.5" color TFT-LCD monitor and real-image optical zoom viewfinder


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look it's me And I'm commenting. Sorry It has taken me so long I hadn't read any of your post this month but now I'm All caught up (my busy schedule and all) BUt now I kind of want to get some things done before I go to class so I can't type much. I hope you are still coming home this weekend (with the fireworks and all) It would be great to just hang out. But if not don't worry "I'll get over it". talk to you later, Hope everything is hunky-dory.


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