Friday, August 20, 2004

Not A Normal Night

I just got home from my last day of co-op. Boy does it feel good. Phew, it was quite an interesting last day of work too. Here, let me tell you about it...

Well, the day started out normal and remained normal right up until "lunch" time. Then Chris and Jeff decided they would take me out to get some lunch. We went to Wicks Pizza on Bardstown road, but they weren't serving pizza at 1 AM, so we went to BW3's. I got an order of spicy garlic wings, which were really good. So basically, item number one that wasn't normal was about an hour lunch.
Item number two that wasn't normal happened when we were driving back from B-Dubs. We were on 264 W, and right before we passed the ramp to get onto 65, this girl in front of us driving a Ford Escort decided to do something crazy. She was driving in the lane second from the left, and right at the last second swerves across a few lanes to take the ramp to get onto 65. She barely missed the guardrail dividing 264 from the ramp, lost control, and slams into the guardrail on the right of the ramp, and bounced off. We pulled over to make sure she was ok. Chris and I walked over to her car and she is a nervous wreck (to be expected) and starts yelling at us to go away and get back into our cars. I started telling her to get out of her car because it was pretty much sitting in the middle of the road and that she would get hit if she stayed in there. After arguing with me for a couple minutes she finally decided to get out. I had to pull the door open for her because it was stuck because the whole car frame was bent. Well, after we got her safely to the side of the road, she met up with what I guess was one of her friends she said she was following. Well, we left after that. But it was quite an interesting lunch break.
Number three on the "not a normal night list" came from just about everyone I work with. All of the construction workers decided to play a practical joke on me. Every night I have to make sure the subs clean up their messes so that the airport can stay clean for the passengers. All of the subs decided they would play a joke on me by telling me they would not clean up a mess they had made because "they didn't make it". Well after arguing with them for about ten minutes they finally let me in on the joke. What can I say, I was Punk'd.
Well that's pretty much all I have for this post. I have the weekend for a vacation and to adjust back to a normal schedule before classes start on Monday. Woo doggy.


Blogger David said...

Mikey, what a crazy life you lead. It sounds like that girl might have been a little intoxicated.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That wouldn't surprise me.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! It's me Topher, and I'm finally posting a comment to your page, but pardon me if the post is a little, shall we say, shorter because I am hungry (see Michael-Fay's Blog for more info.)

So I just read all of August. I would have read the rest but my stomach is eating itself, AND it actually growled at me when I punched in the URL for your BLOG.

I am glad for you that your Co-op is over. Way to hold on to your morals and integrity, afterall that is one of the many things I love aboutcha! So kudos on a job well done. (And that really was some crazy night!) Hopefully that Co-op report went well. You never mentioned that you had finished it.

I need to come over to UL somtime this semester! Only an hour away! But give me a little time to accomplish that task since I am so busy (even weekends) until the end of October. But I will definitley agree that Fall is the "most-bestest" time of the year, with spring "springin'" a close silver medal spot!

Hows the leg doing these days? Been able to do anything yet?

Well I am adjusting pretty good here at UK, especially since the apartment feasko has subsided, and now I really like my crib! I went running Monday at like Midnight (because as I said in Michael-Fay's blog: My TV antenna didn't quite make the move to Lexington with me so I haven't been doing much in the evening and I really kinda lack the funds to go out) but I went running and I ran through campus and then headed to downtown. Well I took a little bit more of a tour of Downtown Lexington than I wanted to (especially since I still had to go another couple miles back to my place) since I got a little turned around admist the big buildings. I even had some (probably intoxicated guys) yelling at me and wondering if I was training for the 2007 olympics (I going to give him the beny-of-the-doubt and assume he meant 2008). They were kinda wierd but it was cool since I was pretty sure I could out run them if they headed in my direction.

OK well I really have to go now! I wonder what I want to make myself for dinner??? Hummmm?
Later buddy,


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