Sunday, September 12, 2004

Saturday Evening

This weekend was rather enjoyable, as well as a change of pace from my usual weekend activities. Normally, I would play ultimate at the waterfront, but it will be a little different for a while now. I have taken a vow not to play the game of ultimate until my leg is fully healed. Instead of going down to the waterfront to play Saturday evening, Dave, Adam, and I went to see Garden State. This movie was different in style than most movies I am used to seeing, which I expected from the previews. However, I still highly recommend seeing it. Following the movie, we chilled at Heine Brothers for an hour and a half, each enjoying a different form a caffeine, and talking about the movie, college, and life. It's always good to have a meaningful conversation every once in a while.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fooey Mikey. I come to post and you don't have a new blog up.
Write something fresh and I'll have all kinds of things to say.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ouch, that cuts deep.


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