Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Some Thoughts

Wow. My previous blog had a huge turnout in the comment section. I want to thank everyone for putting in their thoughts. But now I guess I will close (unless others would like to continue to comment, or comment on my closing) this discussion.

Someone had commented that I bring up the topic of Protestant-Catholic dating/marriage relationships. I did this, but, I started to talk a lot more about the different Christian denominations. I thought this would be important to discuss as well, because, well, peoples' thoughts in this matter would more than likely affect their decision in the dating process. My thoughts mentioned in my blog entry were rather vague. I think that whether or not a relationship is going to work out between a Protestant and a Catholic is a totally personal decision. If two people are really strong in their beliefs and don't accept anything else, then no, that relationship will not work out. I don't see how it could. However, if two people are willing to put aside denominational disagreements and accept each other, then yes, I believe a relationship is possible. In fact, there have been eye-witness accounts of this (refer to comments of previous blog).

I mentioned how I thought denominations were "stupid"... I don't think I really explained myself very well. What I mean by this is that I think it is stupid that there is so much tension between denominations about our differences. I think this is dwelled on so much that an important fact is totally missed: the fact that we all believe that Jesus Christ is our savior. We have all accepted this and we are all trying to live out our lives the way we believe Jesus said. However, I believe that none of the denominations are going to be completely right in interpreting this. Nor do I believe that any one person can live out fully what their particular denomination teaches. It is human nature to not be perfect. It is my belief that we should then put aside our differences, respect one another's beliefs, realize our similarities and that we are all studying and striving to lead a life the way Jesus showed us, and be "brought to perfection as one".


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