Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Update Número Dos

I guess this really isn't only my second update, but I just named this post as it is because I have one other post called "An Update". But enough of that nonsense, let's get to the updating...

Classes have definitely taken up so much of my time this semester, but that is definitely to be expected when taking 18 credit hours. I guess I will apologize in advance for the rest of this semester for not blogging as much as I was. But don't complain too much. When I wrote this post I really wasn't planning on posting anything else. I think I just signed up so I could post non-anonymous comments on other blogs. But look at me now. This is post #32.

Now that classes are back in session, I am back to singing at Masses at the Interfaith Center on campus. I love singing, as you should know by now, and I really enjoy singing church songs. This year we have a lot more musicians which make the musical experience at Mass a lot better. We also have a lot more people coming to church this year. It's great. There must be a lot of Catholic Freshman this year. I'm going to try to keep going to The Vine at Southeast Christian as well, but I usually have so much homework that I don't have time to go there after Mass.

Last weekend I went back to NKY for the WEBN fireworks, which is always fun. Saturday night, me and the gang had a wedding cleanup which I always enjoy because it brings friends together for a few hours. I got to hang out with my friend Ryan on Sunday, which I haven't gotten to do in a while. We watched the UofL vs. KY football game at his house. That was fun. We won 28-0 by the way. That night we went to the fireworks, and Anson, Alicia, and Mark came down from Dayton.

Tomorrow, my new digital camera is due to arrive. Woop Woop!

Take care all.


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