Monday, October 18, 2004

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

As promised, I am going to dedicate this blog to pictures. This is for both your enjoyment, and to show off my artistic ability. I'm still thinking that maybe I should switch majors...

So...I've been taking a lot of pictures lately. You know, you don't, at least this is how it worked out for me, realize how neat it is to take pictures until you actually have a camera in your hand and your pressing the button...or playing around with the settings first, and then pressing the button. I've wanted to get my own digital camera for a while now so that I could capture life's precious moments...I mean uh, cool..things...

Pretty blue flowers.  My mom could tell you what they are. No, but seriously, as soon as I got my camera I went super wack crazy taking pictures, especially of nature. Every time I went home, I took my camera and I took dozens of pictures where I live. Even though I have always liked the nature, I think because I've lived out in boofoo my whole life, it seems to jump out at me that much more when I have a camera handy. I think my artistic side is coming through, and I'm starting to wonder if I'm in the wrong major. Not really, but it kinda crossed my mind because I am really enjoying this. Millions of liters flowing down hill! (Bill Nye quote) Well, the down hill part is correct. Not only am I enjoying the picture taking part of artsiness, but I am also enjoying drawing pictures. My art teacher gave us an assignment on Monday to draw a self portrait. I thought this was great. See, normally I wouldn't pick up a pencil and paper and start drawing because, well, I just don't have that kind of time, and plus, I just didn't think about it. But now that I had to do an assignment, I figured I would take advantage of this situation. I now had an excuse to "waste" time on something. Darla and Gracie through the screen door...Artsy huh?I spent about 5 hours total I would say, drawing my self portrait. I had so much fun because I haven't drawn anything since, maybe grade school. I think mostly I turned out not looking like me at all. But, it was fun nonetheless. Plus, I kinda taught myself techniques as a went along. Not to brag, but I was really surprised at my artistic ability. Maybe I'll make a hobby out of this. Beside taking pictures of nature, I just started taking pictures of whatever while trying out the different manual settings. When I went to UK for fall break, my friend took all of us on a tour and I tried out the camera in the dark. Because my camera isn't a several thousand dollar SLR, it's not capable of doing a whole lot with exposure and speed, but it's good enough for me...for now. I put a couple pictures from my experimentation in Lexington.

I uped the exposer on this one for killer light effects.I call this...'Dynamism of friends by a tree.'

Ok, off the topic of artsiness. Red stickers=My Food I'm going to talk a little bit about life in my apartment. My roommates came home yesterday from the grocery and proposed an idea. Whoa. Don't go in there.  It doesn't have a red sticker on it. This is idea is known as, "Mark your own food with color-coding stickers or pay the price of someone else eating it all."I think this is a brilliant idea. Way to go roomies. I included pictures to help you understand what I mean.


Blogger David said...

What color is Morris's? I need to know so when I go over there I can eat it all.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Mikey! So...instead of designing and building the bridges, you can just take pictures of them! And then you can go into fashion design with your drawings and you won't have any trouble shopping! Have a great day!

Blogger Hinton said...

1. You are bragging... you arrogant little sucker.

2. I'm not so sure you could hack it as an artist. You're just too straight-laced, practical, and logical. And besides, you are waaaay too good at Calculus to be an artist.

3. I still don't see any pictures of Catholic Katie on here. How does that make you feel Katie?? If you guys would like to set up an appointment I would love to take some picture of you... ;-)

4. I really have NO idea why I am making a numbered list of comments.

5. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words. You don't think I'm so crazy for buying that camera now do you??

6. I think that's all.

7. Yea, that's all.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy!! I enjoyed your blog and I do think that you're on to something here. I've started painting and drwing and coloring etc. when I feel like I have too much going on inside my head and it's really theraputic. I actually get excited about going to my art class and don't even mind that it's a 6 hour a week class and I only get credit for 3. I've never really tried pictures, but since I'm trying to get into scrapbooking, maybe I should. Oh well just wanted to let you know that you're missed up here and I hope to talk at ya or see ya (or both) soon...remember we have to go shopping to the village or something because Halloween is only a week and a half away!!! Oh you and miss you good buddy!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morris' color is orange Dave. Eat away. Thanks Katie. But you didn't have to tell me. I knew they were good. Adam, I'm sorry I thought you were crazy for buying your way expensive camera. Smess, I agree, it was definately theraputic. It relieved a lot of my stress.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave said,

Hi Sends, the picture are beep. I'm just kidding they're good but I never get to use the Beep line so I thought I would here.

I must say though that I agree with Hinton's #2 (See there was a reason he numbered them). Plus you don't want to live in a cardboard box the rest of your life (no offense to any artist, I majored in art for a semester).

Well I guess I will see you at my Party (Or at least I better see you at my Party, he he)

Take care man,
~ Dave

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave, the correct term is "bleap", not "beep". But that's ok. I forgive you. See you this weekend.


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