Wednesday, December 15, 2004

EE's Hack Mikey's Computer

Hi Mikey.

Your computer has been hacked majorly by the EEs.

The christmas party was great!

Robb, Grzeg, Nauseous, Parris, and JazumFuchs


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally, an interesting post!
Keep it up Mikey.

Blogger Katie said...

HA HA HA!!! Your friends are crazy. Who is Nauseous? Dlo? I think he was the only one there that had enough to drink to be nauseous. The party was awesome! I'm glad I could help out. Thanks for the gift! Merry Christmas, Mikey! See you around.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny, Funny, Funny. Well, that'll teach me to save my passwords on my internet browser. :)

Blogger Melodie said...

Mikey you are slacking in the blogging world, it's been so long the EEs finally had to intervine to provide us with something of interest to read! You're a failure.


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