Thursday, January 13, 2005

Topic #2

Something totally crazy happened to me Monday night. After playing an awesome game of ultimate down at the waterfront, most people were just going to go home for the night. I decided to go to Steak 'N Shake with a few others. After deciding this, I realized that I had misplaced my keys. I ran Jefi down before he pulled out of the parking lot and told him to hold up until I found my keys. But because of some miscommunication, I turned around after a minute of searching and saw that I was all alone. I didn't panic and thought that Jefi would soon realize that I wasn't behind him and would be back in a minute. But, a minute turned into…more than a minute. Well, I thought, I'll run back to where we laid down all of our stuff and look for my keys. But then I remember I didn't lay my keys down anywhere. I was pretty sure I had them in my jacket pocket and I had not taken off my jacket when we were playing. So that means that my keys could be anywhere on the grass lawn. I hoped that by chance they would be in my trunk. I remembered that I had left my wallet in my trunk. Maybe my keys were there too. The only problem, I couldn't call AAA because my card was in my wallet, and my phone was in the car as well. I needed to get to campus some how. I would have walked the 3 miles if I needed to, but luckily I found a few groups of people to ask. None of them had cell phones (yea right), but finally I found someone who gave me a ride back to campus. We had a good conversation on the way back, during which the man tried to sell me a new car. I thought it was funny.
"So what kind of car do you drive?"
"A '97 Honda Civic."
"It's about time to trade that in don't you think?"
This was before I knew he sold cars. "Well, actually, I don't think so. I just got it a few years ago and it's been treating me very well. I couldn't afford another car right now anyway."
"Oh, well if you know anyone who is interested you can refer them to me. Here is my card."

Anyway, so I have him drop me off at McDonald's and then I walk to UPA to Adam, Matt, and Brandon's apartment. I ask if I can use Adam's cell phone and AAA card and I get pop-a-lock to meet me at my car. Matt said he could drive me because he's a good guy and because he didn't have class till 11:00 the next day. I get a hold of my sister and ask her if I can use her car in case I can't find my keys. She was really confused, but she said ok. Forty-five minutes later I find out that my keys are not in my trunk. I was really bummed, but I pretty much knew they weren't in there. Matt and I searched the field some more, but with no luck. I then wondered what I would have to do to get a key, and what would happen to my car. I called up the local police department and explained the situation, asking how likely it was for my car to be towed.
"Very likely" he said.
"What is the best thing to do?"
"You can have a locksmith meet you at your car and make you a key?"
"They can do that? How?"
"I don't know I'm not a locksmith."
Man, if I would have known this was possible I would have had someone come down the first time and make me a key. I called AAA again and asked for a locksmith to make me a key. I took another hour, but finally he came and it took him about twenty minutes to make a key. Finally I got to drive home and made it safely into bed by 2:30am. I got about three hours of sleep and got up for my 8am class. Phew…


Blogger Matthew Purcell said...

You forgot to mention all the shady people coming and going from the parking lot around midnight! That was a true adventure bud.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, yea. I wasn't sure what was going on there. It was kinda scary.

Blogger David said...

"I don't know I'm not a locksmith."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave said...

What's that sends (mikey), are the clueless days coming back! Oh and hasn't a really smart guy told you before to get a extra copy of you key.


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