Thursday, January 13, 2005

Topic #3

I've been back in Louisville for about a week now, and the first week of classes are almost complete. Although this week has been pretty easy, I am still a little stressed out about what the semester will bring. Last semester was pretty rough, and it's hard to believe that it would be worse than that. However, I am taking 18 hours again, and these courses are higher level. So who knows? Oh, well enough stressing about that. It will work out.

On a lighter note…
This semester I want to get into shape. I'll be running in the flying pig in May, and I need to get into shape for that. I also want to get into shape for ultimate and just work on my skills. Although I don't need to do, I really want to because it is my favorite sport. Plus, girls only want boyfriends who have great skills so… I do, however, need to get into shape for the flying pig so I don't let my teammates down.


Blogger Matthew Purcell said...

This one gang wanted me for my skills with a bow staff

Blogger Katie said...

I know that you get really stressed out about school and with good reason. But, you are a very smart person. Anything you put your mind to, you will achieve. Also, for the other are obsessed with those cars, my friend. You should see about getting that problem taken care of ;). I will see you around!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

O man Mikey! You've really got a great understanding of women. I mean, what girl could resist a guy with great Ultimate skills? Good to see you are enjoying your semester as much as I am... with the work load and all. Katie's right however, I'm sure you'll be fine. Catch ya later.


Blogger David said...

Katie and Stu are both wrong. You will fail miserably...and I will be there to kick dirt on you when you're all the way down.

Blogger Melodie said...

not ultimate skills. Like computer hacking skills, Bowstaff, wolverine hunting in alaska. I bet if you drew a girl a picture she'd love you, and she'd go to the dance with you.


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