Thursday, February 10, 2005

Deep Thoughts

I've been thinking a lot about things lately...both times have been while I was doing homework. I'm not talking about my thought on how much steel a beam with a hole in it needs or how much water each person uses per day, but about...other things.

The first thing that crossed my mind was: I think I would rather be shot with a real bullet versus a rubber bullet. My reasoning was drawn from the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. The Sheriff mentions that he would like to cut Robin's heart out "with a spoon." His not so bright cousin asks him, "Why a spoon, cousin? Why not an axe?" The sheriff angrily replies, "Because it's dull you twit. It'll hurt more." That pretty much sums up my reasoning right there. Now, excluding the fact that I get shot in any vital part of my body, I think I will come out ahead. :)

The second thought I had was when I was working on economics homework and was using the value of "e" (2.718281828...) . Now, this is a very mysterious number. It is obtained as shown below.
Now wouldn't you think the answer to this would be 1? The limit as n approaches infinity of 1/n is 0. 1+0=0. 1 raised to infinity equals 1. Shouldn't the answer be 1? NO! It is this mysterious number. It's like it popped out of thin air. And it is used to solve more things than I can think of or feel like mentioning. After thinking on this awhile, I realized that this number must be the key to the universe. Maybe if I study it long enough, I will find all the answers. Let me know if you figure out anything.


Blogger Hinton said...

"e is a real number constant that appears in some kinds of mathematics problems. Examples of such problems are those involving growth or decay (including compound interest), the statistical "bell curve," the shape of a hanging cable (or the Gateway Arch in St. Louis), some problems of probability, some counting problems, and even the study of the distribution of prime numbers. It appears in Stirling's Formula for approximating factorials. It also shows up in calculus quite often, wherever you are dealing with either logarithmic or exponential functions. There is also a connection between e and complex numbers, via Euler's Equation."

Oh, and e is the solution to the infinite series summation of (1/k!). Strange.

Blogger Michael-Fay said...


You cannot be serious! All this discussion of "e" is maddening. I know a guy who almost died trying to understand this very concept. Don't do it Mikey...

Besides, everyone knows the key to the universe is a large metallic sphere, disguised as a Rubic's cube, known as the "CONTINUUM TRANSFUNCTIONER"!!

-Its mystery is only exceeded by its power.

Anonymous john said...

As everyone knows, the shape of the gateway arch is actually simply the shape of a hyperbolic cosine, but inverted. And as you all remember from Dr. Tyler and Dr. Ralston, cosh(x) = (e^x + e^(-x))/2. And just by coincidence, the shape of a cross-section of a traditional grapefruit spoon is also defined by the hyperbolic cosine, which means getting your heart dug out by one would hurt a heck of a lot more than getting shot with a rubber bullet.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mikey... I have to say... I think you've finally lost it.


Blogger Katie said...

That e stuff is what we are doing right now. It's a little scary that you all remember this stuff...well done smart boys.

Blogger David said...

e^(2*Pi*i) = 1

It's true.

Blogger lasoski said...


You are correct in saying that the limit as n approaches infinity of 1/n is 0. However, you forgot that the limit of products is the product of limits, especially when the products are multiplied by each other a variable (infinite) amount of times. Think of (1 + 1/n) as a number approaching 1 (from the right), BUT NEVER REACHING IT. It is always greater than 1, b/c lim as n app. infinity of 1/n never reaches zero. If you multiply a number infinitely close to one by itself an infinite amount of times, you will obviously get 2.7. Or thereabouts.

It only takes a small mind to realize that I used McLauren here, to solve this problem.

The answer is 42.

Blogger amplification of emotions said...

i say u get some sleep, make that a lot of sleep. i kno u just want to figure out the universe, but give it a day or two's rest, it can wait, by the way it probably won't even notice if you wait ten years to figure it out. and yes i'm referring to the universe as "it". i think i need some sleep too before i give "it" a name. night. ~~SK~~

Anonymous The Dave said...

I think you have been enjoying your grass a little too much lately. P.S. Just thought I would test out the HTML abilities. And I think they stink because it would not let me change the font color to green!


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