Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Ramblings

"Jesus Christ is risen today. Alleluia." Sorry, just singing the song we opened up with at church this morning...

Saturday was OK on the part of celebrating Easter with my dad. It's just so hard to talk to your dad and other family members when they are complete strangers. What you talk about is so superficial, and it's always the same. Bleh, I hate feeling like this because my feeling definately come out in my writing.

Today went well. I went to church and then down to my aunt's house to celebrate Easter. I could only stay for about 20 minutes though because I had to come down to Louisville again so I could study for my Water Supply test tomorrow. However I got to see people I love and celebrate (briefly) Louisville's win. I also watched the Kentucky game vs. Michigan state. I really wanted UK to win and I was pumped when Sparks made a last second 3 point shot to tie the game at the end of regulation. But, you know, I gave up cheering for them in OT and double OT because they didn't play like they wanted to win. You don't stand around for 2 whole possessions and then decide, oh, maybe I should try to score with no shot clock left. And guess what it came down to at the end...a 2 possession game. Hmm...funny how that works out. I'll continue cheering for Louisville though. My boys play like they want to win.

In other news...
I gave up ping-pong for lent...that's 40 days and 40 nights without ping-pong.
Lent is now over.
Today...Matt Morris challenged me to a out of 3 games...I had to play completely cold (no warming up).
I beat him 2 games to none.
He said it couldn't be done.
Did you see that comeback by UofL?!!
Ok, I'm finished bragging now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mikey... what kind of U of L fan are you anyhow. You spent waaaay too much time focusing on UK's, an obviously inferior team, than U of L's. Yeesh, get your priorities straight. Last time I checked, you were a U of L student.


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