Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hell Week -> Spring Break

Gosh dang. What a week. A week, that could probably qualify for the worst/busiest week I've experience in college.
  • Water Homework
  • Water Quiz

  • Tuesday
  • Design Tasks 9, 10
  • Take Home Concrete Test
  • Construction Materials Presentation

  • Wednesday
  • Economics Homework

  • Thursday
  • Concrete Homework
  • Design Tasks 11, 12
  • Foundation Test

  • Friday
  • Economics Test

And last weekend, when I should had been working on homework all day saturday, was the day that I had an ultimate tournament and E-Ball. Of course I really have no complaints. I wouldn't have traded that weekend for anything in the world. UL-timate did really well in a round-robin in Berea, and E-ball, well, recall here and here. But it just made this week a little bit harder. But it's almost over, and spring break is within reaching distance. Panama City, here I come baby!


Blogger Katie said...

I like what you've done with the template! Nice color coordination and picture! :) Have a wonderful day!


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