Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Spring Break

Although Panama City Beach, FL wasn't as sunny as I had hoped, I still had a great time. I got to pack up 4 people and 4 people's stuff into and onto the Subaru, set up camp, go to the beach when it was sunny, play some ultimate with some people on the beach, make a sand castle, get up with the birds and sun and go running, meet some camping neighbors from Mobile, Alabama, borrow wood that actually burned from our neighbors, stay up late playing cards out of the rain with an awesome family from Tennessee, wake up in a puddle, sleep in the Subaru, rescue Matt, Jessica, Mary, Erin, and Cory from the flood, workout, go bowling, eat free pancakes, drive off-road and through a foot of water, play putt-putt, eat seafood that came in a "boat" to the table, do goofy stuff, "babysit" 3 campmates, drive my campmates to a club, drive back to club ten minutes later to give campmates their jackets, eat out at Jessica's favorite restaurant (Applebees), practice throwing a hatchet, go to the beach when it wasn't sunny, chase seagulls, keep Momo away from Alligators, make a human pyramid so Adam could get a free video card, visit Beach Reach friends, attend a worship service, and see God in His awesome creation.


Blogger David said...

Yeah we didn't do too much either.

I like the ocean picture (and the sweet new look).

Blogger Katie said...

You may not have had too much time to get all dark and show off your sexy bodies to the ladies on the beach, but it sounds like you had a blast being around great people!


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