Tuesday, April 26, 2005


After slaving in the Kersey library for the past 14 hours or so, the final page of our 6-story building concrete design project has been put into place. We all better get A's in this class or I'll be rather upset. But that probably won't last too long because, technically, I am now a college graduate. :)


Blogger Matthew Purcell said...

Technically, you're not a college graduate because you have no grades yet. But congrats on the completion of your project and enjoy the LONG break.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My thoughts were that technically I am, officially I'm not. Maybe that's the same thing.

Blogger Katie said...

Good work Mikey!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, grown men who are straight do not put pictures of flowers up to represent themselves and use colors like pale yellow. I might stop reading your blog if you don't change this sissy crap and put up something manly like a subaru theme. NOW.
I'm only looking after your chances of ever scoring again.

Your friend,


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