Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Flying Pig Marathon

Saturday, volunteers including Dave, Steve, Michael, Smess, Carrie, Kristy, Ryan, and myself served a carbo loading dinner to runners at the old Applebees down on the levee. It was fun meeting runners from all over the US. I met another relay group from Wisconsin. I talked to them for a while and ended up seeing them the next day.

Drake's Runnin' Pigs ran the marathon relay again this year. Only this year, we kicked more butt than last year. The team consisted of Kris, Anson, myself, and Vail (Anson's brother), who filled in for Lisa because of her injury. Going into the race I was a little worried we weren't going to do as well as we did last year. Kris' shin were bothering him, Vail was recovering from knee surgery and hadn't run since August, and the training that I began the first half of the semester didn't carry over into the second half due to the extreme class load. Jokingly, I told Anson that she was going to have to pull us through this race. We ended up doing much better than I had expected; coming in 5th place out of 236 teams in our class(open coed) and 22nd place out of 453 teams overall. We all did very well and ended up cutting ten minutes off our total time, finishing in 3:18:26.

This year we were joined by a new team, also running to raise money for the Drake Center (rehabilitation center), called Drake's Little Piggies. CJ Fryer, Anne Rutterer, Scot Rawe, and Michael Fay ran for this team, and also did very well; finishing 28th in our class and 67th overall.

If you would like to donate to the Drake Center, or start other running teams, please visit our website for more information.


Blogger Smess said...

Great job guys and wahoo!! I made it in the blog!! Hope to see ya again soon, just say the word when I can come down and bother...er I mean visit you :o)

Anonymous Woody said...

That's awesome Mikey!!! At first I was thinking, "I can' believe Mikey is missing the EOST!" But now I applaud you for your heart to help those who need it.

Blogger Katie said...

Mikey, you're amazing at everything! Congrats on finishing up the undergrad, kicking butt in a racem designing so many great blog templates and so many other things!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm...you're right Katie. I didn't realize how awesome I was. :) j/k. Thank you very much.


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