Friday, June 10, 2005

Oh Boy

Ah, a Thursday, it's like practically Friday because I don't have class tomorrow. What a perfect night to play some ultimate. I sure would love to head down to the waterfront and play with Ming, Jefi, Morris, Melodie, and Woody. Eh, don't be so selfish. I should go to the Interfaith Center coffeehouse to welcome freshman for freshman orientation.

Ok, I'm here. Let's welcome freshman. Yay. Hi what's your name? Hey we have snacks, and, chairs, so come on in. Bye, have a good night. Phew, man, I'm feeling kinda antsy. Hey Wesley. Welcome to the IFC. Help yourself to food and coffee. Ah, so you're going into chemical engineering, eh?

Ooo, what's this? Oh yay, it's the Interfaith Center smiley face volleyball laying on the floor. This should ease my antsiness. I can just spin it on my finger here. Haha, I remember when my mom would yell at me for playing with balls in the house. Haha, yea, and she's not around right now. What does she know anyway? What are the possibilities of something bad happening? Like the ball is just going to fly off my finger and knock some freshman's coffee out of their hand spilling it all over them. Ha, that's funny...


Blogger David said...

Mikey, you need help. Professional help.

Blogger Melodie said...

that was random, where was I when you spilled the coffee cup? I told you you didn't miss anything good not playing frisbee. I am surprised you didn't post any pictures of our awesome dance moves, but then again Grant and I were never at the interfaith center. . .

Blogger Katie said...

ROFL that kid hates you now. poor wesley. not only did you make him hate you, but i am sure that he hates all catholics now. way to go big guy ;)

Blogger Melodie said...

wait. . .wesley! That poor kid you spilled coffee on him!?! I felt bad for him even before coffee was spilled on him. You ruined his life Mikey.


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