Monday, June 13, 2005

Poultry Days 2005

Poultry Days...there are only two words that can describe this event...IN SANE. If you don't agree or understand why this statement is true, it's probably because you aren't an ultimate player. Just picture the the greenest fields, sun and rain points, zero wind, and discs flying as far as the eye can see. This tournament started in 1982 with two teams and has since grown to include 70 teams. To see that many people gathered to play ultimate is absolutely hot (ultimate lingo).

I rode up with Ben Parris, Evan Boucher, and Dan Ambrus. The four of us are part of the group (along with some others) of less experienced ultimate players with the LouEvil Villains. But then again, LouEvil is less experienced than most of the teams that play at Poultry Days. However, Steve Loomis, LouEvil's captain, stated that LouEvil has made it farther in the tournament than ever before, directing his thanks to us. Way to go guys. :)

I'm glad that I decided to go to this tournament. Not only did I get to know my teammates better, but it is an experience that I won't forget. The funnest part of the weekend was the All-Star game. After Saturday's seeding games, teams with a record of 2-2 or higher got to pick one teammate to play in the All-Star game. We ended up picking Scotty Warrington. The game took place in the middle of all the camp sites. I've never seen so many people gathered together to watch ultimate. I would say the coolest part of the weekend was watching Team USA in the championship game on Sunday. This team made teams that I've seen go to nationals on CSTV look like sissies. Never have I seen that amount of skill displayed in this sport.


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I am completely jealous. I wish I could have been there.


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