Saturday, July 30, 2005


Today I got up around 11am, my usual time now-a-days. I just can't seem to get out of bed unless I've been in it for at least 10 hours. Oh well, it's vacation right. I watched some Seinfeld on DVD like I've been doing for the past week. I'm try to finish seasons 1 through 4 and I'm almost there. It was a lovely day so I decided go to the pool, and then head down to the waterfront to toss some frisbee. While I was waiting for my friends to get there I threw with some random man. Afterwards he decided he would hit on me. That's twice in my life this has happened. The last time was when I was in the paint department in Kohl's (maybe Home Depot). I came back home, ate a little somethin somethin, and played with photoshop for a while. I figured out how to make a photo partially black and white.

Then I played Matt in ping pong, and lost best out of 5 (2-3) after a going into deuce about 10 times the last game. I like playing Matt because that always happens. Later in the night I decided to go back down to the waterfront to take some pictures and play a little ultimate. Tough life. I'm going to bed.


Blogger Michael-Fay said...

Wow buddy, I never knew you were so attractive!! I mean I've only been hit on by like one person (a girl), though I might have been naive a few times...

Speaking of naivite, what did he do to be so obvious about it that you noticed he was hitting on you????


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When he asked me if I wanted to go rent a two-person bike with him (the kind where you sit down next to each other like in a paddle boat) it struck me as kinda weird.


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