Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Deep Contemplation

To start this Monday Tuesday off well, I decided to have a wreck on my bike while going to class. I'm not sure exactly what happened. I don't remember it too well. Not because I got a concussion. I remember thinking to myself as it was happening, "I have no idea why I am losing my balance and flipping over the handle bars", but that's what happened. I remember I had to go off the sidewalk a little to avoid a garbage can. When I did this, I had a sudden fear of the terrain. Not that it was bad, but for some reason I did. My best guess is that I hit a rough spot, my front wheel got caught, or jerked, my hands slipped from the handle bars, and then gravity took over. It's kinda funny too the way society reacts in this situation. Of the, maybe five, people that saw this, only one asked me if I was ok. And that person really didn't stop to ask me. He kinda just asked as he was walking by, not really looking at me or waiting for an answer. Quite interesting, but anyway...

I took this picture last week at the gallery hop (I took a lot of pictures then). First, I caught Ming sitting on the curb by himself, resting and thinking. I took a picture and he noticed me, remarking that I take a lot of pictures of him. "But you're so photogenic," I told him. Later, he volunteered to pose for me in the same position, only this time I decided to use a longer exposure for effect. Great job Ming for staying still!

Taken 9/2/05 at 9:58pm


Anonymous Stu said...

What were you doing going to class on Monday?!?!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good call Stu...lol.

Blogger Katie said...

Mikey, your life is SO hard. I hope you are ok from your fall. If I had seen you I would have asked you if you were ok. Does that count for anything? :) Way to go with lots of posts as of late! I like them!

Blogger Michael-Fay said...

Mr. Fay: Sociologists call it the norm of impersonality; when there are so many people around that "someone else will surely help" becomes our mantra.

Students: Thanks Mr. Fay for your insights!!

Anyway, if I were to witness that scene (assuming I didn't know you), I would probably take a picture and ask you to do it again for an action shot!!

Anonymous Lauren said...

This is a good picture. You had a fine idea there. And thank you for changing the day. I'm writing short sentences. This is bothering me. AAHHH


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