Sunday, September 04, 2005

Duck, Duck, Goose

Alright, OK. I lied again. I decided not to go home after all. I think basically because I stayed here long enough that I didn't want to go home anymore. Plus gas is so expensive and I'm going home next weekend for my cousin's wedding, so I'll just wait.
For some reason, this scene just struck me as being funny, so I took a picture. My apologies if it really isn't funny.

In front of Ekstrom Library...9/1/05 at 5:00pm


Anonymous lauren said...

I laughed. The title seems to suit the picture very nicely in that the picture wouldn't be funny without the title; it would just be interesting.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe I was thinking about playing that game when I saw this scene and that's why it seemed funny.

Blogger David said...

This is my favorite one so far. Very creative title, Mikey. Nice shirt too.

Blogger Michael-Fay said...

This is quite humorous!

I agree with David, very creative title.


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