Saturday, September 03, 2005

Gallery Hop!

Alright, OK, I lied. I didn't go home to NKY just yet. I was going to go home yesterday, but when I heard there was a gallery hop going on last night, I decided to stay in town for one more night. Gallery Hop is a way to try and draw a crowd to some art galleries downtown. It's really neat because this happens once a month, it's free, and you get to ride trolleys to and from the galleries.

Lauren on the trolley...9/2/05 at 7:38pm


Anonymous Lauren said...

That's me! Nice picture, Mikey.

Blogger Michael-Fay said...

what is this supposed to be? I'm ashamed of you Mikey!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Melodie said...

hey you've been posting a lot more since you've been postin pics, I can't keep up, but I've liked this one the best so far


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