Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Red, White, Blue, sky blue, grass green, and concrete gray

I cropped this photo to "medium format" for a couple reasons:

1) Because I liked the way it looked and
2) To dedicate it to my sister, Marissa, a lover a medium format film.

9/10/05 at 3:38pm


Anonymous Lauren said...

Very clear picture, and nice framing. I like this medium format I think. How can i do that?

Blogger Hinton said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe 'medium format' in this sense just means a square ratio (1:1) as opposed to the standard 35 mm film ratio (2:3).

Of course, you can't really call this 'medium format' b/c that technically refers to film. ;-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lauren, you can do this by using either the crop tool, or as I prefer to do it, create a new image, decide the size, copy the image you took and paste it into the new image window. Then, move it where you like it.

Gosh Adam, if you want to get technical, yes you are correct. However, I did put medium format in quotes since I did not use film, but rather I cropped a digital image to thus resemble a photo taken with a camera compatible with medium format film.

Anonymous Lauren said...

Well that's what I would have guessed it was. Mikey, your method sounds too complicated. The only advantage I could see inyour way is that it would be easier to see what the finished product would look like. Maybe I'll do that sometime now that I know it's an acceptable size of picture.


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