Wednesday, September 28, 2005

You Got Served

This was at my first UofL volleyball game. These girls impressed me very much with their incredible ball control and team coordination. Attending this also made me sad, as attending any NCAA sport does, that ultimate has not gone NCAA...yet. I can only dream of what it would be like to get a scholarship to play the game I love in an arena or field built for that sole purpose, and have fans that love to cheer us on.

I cropped this picture a little because I do not own a nice camera with a zoom lens.

#7 Nicole Bateman serving

9/3/05 at 7:54pm


Anonymous LNA said...

Very neat; she's in focus (for the most part *wink*) and everything else isn't. I like it.

Anonymous David Lusher said...

Just the essence of Ultimate does not lend it self to be a NCAA sport. Could you imagine two collage teams getting together and reefing them selves? It would never work, your typical sports jock is to competitive to tell the truth about a play that they may have messed up. Do you really want such a wholesome game to be corrupted by players who don’t really understand that above winning there is Playing, and Playing Fair. So let’s all wear our ‘New Balance’ Shoes and play a little Ultimate. For Love or Money?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Dave, but in my world, that would be part of making the team. If you could not tell the truth, then you wouldn't make the team. I go to tournaments and it is so amazing to see the Spirit of the Game in action. So I believe it can be brought to the NCAA. Unless there are rules where refs are needed or something. Then just forget it. I would rather it not become an NCAA sport then.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mikey, you'd never be able to play. Your college eligibility is over. They don't grandfather people in, either.


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