Monday, October 03, 2005


I've seen this kind of "puzzle-piece" picture done several times before: one by Marissa, and others hung up in Sunergos. I'm not sure if there is a particular method or purpose behind doing one of these, but they just looked neat to me so I did my own...unless I did it wrong, then I didn't.

taken 10/1/05 between 7:34pm and 8:55pm


Blogger Michael-Fay said... Do tell.

Blogger David said...

This is neat, one of my favorites.

Anonymous Lusher said...

It’s about time you started getting creative. Just kidding… or am I… no, I am…

And what's up with the word verification thing, did you get to many spammers posting on your site?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael...I took a bunch of pictures, rotated them accordiningly, and pieced them all together into one picture in photoshop.

Thank you Dave.

Lusher...Yea, too many spam comments.

Anonymous LNA said...

Maybe I'm just a moron (yes, that is a definite possibility), but I can't for the life of me figure out how to put pictures together on photoshop. Help me, mikey!

Anonymous Tori said...

hey mikey your pictures are great. What are you doing this weekend? I think I might be up there on Saturday and was looking to play some ultimate. Write me an email so I can talk to you.

Anonymous Lusher said...

Did you really take different pictures and put then together?! Wouldn’t it be easier to just to shade different parts of one large picture to make it look that way?


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