Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Grant's Lick Nights 2

The stars on moonless winter nights back home never cease to amaze me. This was taken from the driveway. You just may recognize something here.

10/30/05 at 6:09am


Blogger Michael-Fay said...

Hey! Those look just liek the stars I saw at 6:10 am that morning when I was getting up to go to work. Whay were you up that early????? Hmmm?

Anonymous katherine said...

was this enhanced at all? or was orion really that distinguishable from the other stars?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No enhancement here. To tell you the truth Katherine, Orion looks even more brilliant in person. This picture really does not do it justice.

Anonymous LNA said...

What's your exposure and ISO?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ISO 400
exposure: 15 sec

Blogger hidden. said...

hey stumbled over your blog. And saw some of your pictures through october '05 their amazing! did you actually take them all? their brillant very, very artistic.
Well anyways thought i would leave this. keep at the photos. you've got a talent.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Hidden", thank you very much for your comment. I really appreciate that. Yes, since my July 30, 2005 entry I have been posting pictures and they are my own.


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