Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sky Dance

This is a composit of 4 photographs shot at 15 second exposures. However, the total elapsed time between the first and last shot is about 3 minutes. The maximum exposure time for my camera is 15 seconds so I had to take several shots to start seeing any kind of movement. I wanted to see the circular path the stars make as they seemingly rotate around the north star. It looks like I will have to take a lot more pictures to get a better result though. The north star would be behind the trees on the left hand side. I'm not sure exactly if it's in view or just out of view, but it's close. You can kinda see how the paths are shorter as you move closer the north star and longer as you move radially outward.

1/15/06 from 1:47am - 1:50am


Anonymous Laurena said...

Mikey, that is so cool, really. I'm taking astronomy right now and just learned about the whole north star thing (which is probably something I should have known anyway). I encourage to do this one again with more pictures, like you were saying, because I'd be excited to see the result.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just might do that the next time I get a chance.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that picture is beautiful as well. i'm loving the big dipper and the clouds are incredible. they have a bit of an ethereal quality. great shot. again, standing in awe of God. He's pretty wonderful and quite the artist.


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