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11/25/05 at 3:37pm


Anonymous Laurena said...

Absolutely lovely, Mikey. She has an adorable expression on her face, and the frame is great. I almost wish there wasn't so much white space, though. Not quite medium format, but more square maybe. This definitely jumps out, though, as being professional. You've been doing your homework, I see. ;)

Anonymous The Dave said...

Ok so I know I’m slow but I just noticed that you have a little do not use these pictures with out your permission line at the bottom. Since you photoshop most of you pictures have you ever thought of making a MikeySends logo to super imposes in a corner of your pictures or do you think it takes a way to much from the pictures.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Lauren. She is cute isn't she? I wanted there to be a lot of white space, but I'm still glad when you share your opinions. Professional? Really? Wow, thank you. There are some things that I'm not happy about in this picture, but I was working on it a while and just accepted it the way it was. When I work on something for a while I lose the ability to evaluate it.

Yea, I have thought about it and tried to do a logo once but then I didn't finish and forgot. But that is a good idea and I might try again one of these days.

Blogger Michael-Fay said...

I never saw that warning about using the pictures without permission (and still haven't for the record). How long has it been there?

I guess that's why you reprimanded me when I copied one of your own and re-photoshopped it. Oops, but I'm not sorry. It's a privilege of being one of your 'real' friends.

Can't wait to see your back this weekend as you fly down the slopes ahead of me!!


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