Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Here and There

12/14/05 at 3:58pm


Blogger Katie said...

I really like this picture, Mikey! Great job!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like this picutre too. it makes me want to eat wheat. or go thru a field picking grains and making crop circles. or tickle someone. actually, it inspires me to do many things. bet you never thought of all that-eh? =o)

Blogger Michael-Fay said...

I agree, this makes me want to do many things. One of which is to stand at the edge of the field before it drops off to a huge cliff and catch the little kids before they go running too far and fall off the cliff. Hey, I could be a 'Catcher in the Wheat'!!

It is a nice perspective...

Blogger Mikey said...

Psh, I post pictures with the sole purpose of inspiring people to do things, and with this picture I was thinking to myself..."I hope people see this and go pick themselves some grain and make crop circles."


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