Thursday, March 23, 2006

Above and Below

10/22/05 at 5:31pm


Anonymous Laurena said...

This is so good I want to use a curse word as an adjective to help describe it. But because I am above that, I'll just let you know that this photo is mesmerizing. Absolutely. I mean really... I love it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah, this picture rocks!! Good call Laurena!!

Blogger Michael-Fay said...

I think HOPE is what I perceive in this photo. I really like it, though I would probably not curse about it.

I forget the guy's name..."the painter of light"...but he would find much inspiration in this scene.

Go Sends!

Anonymous Laurena said...

Anonymous,that was the exact word I was thinking of.

Michael-Fay, I don't so much get hope out of this as I get the word "ominous".

Blogger Mikey said...

Thank you all for the warm comments.

Anonymous The Dave said...

Yeah right, I've seen this picture before, you stole it.

No I'm just kidding but it does look like a post card or something

Anonymous Dan said...

Sends, I think you are thinking of Thomas Kincade maybe. He paints with light in mind a lot. If you hit his picture with soft light it looks like it's night, but when you hit the same picture with a bright light, it seems to be noon. I like this picture too.

Anonymous Dan said...

Sorry I meant Fay not sends...


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