Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Untitled #7

2/18/06 at 1:02pm


Blogger Michael-Fay said...

Where is this?

I want to go there to walk up the snowy steps! Oh how you capture the essence of life even amid the frosty winter!!


Blogger Smess said...

So good buddy, are we allowed to gank some of your pictures for Who Is He?? You know I'll appreciate it and we'll find some way to give you credit!! I know you said we could last fall, but I just wanted to make sure again!!
Thanks, Sweetie!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael, that is such BS, lol.
It's down here in Louisville.

Smess, thank you. I think Dave is already working on that.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually, i agree with michael. not only does it make me want to run up those crispy snow steps but to jump in and out of that hole in the cement under the steps. i bet that would be fun. especially if you lit it on fire. it might hurt, but if would be fun. or, at the very least, you could use it to train a dog to jump thru hoops...


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