Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Color Cast

I know it's not very original, but I could't decide originally which one to post, so I decided to post both. I'll try to answer Michael's question from the previous post. This is known as an HDR (high dynamic range) image. I took a couple pictures at different exposures to help capture the different range of shadows and colors cast on the blinds. I used software called photomatix to help combine the photos. The reason for this is to try to reproduce more realistically what the eye sees. I did this effect once before with this sunset picture only I used photoshop to blend the three photos together.
4/22/06 at 8:27am


Blogger Michael-Fay said...

Good explanation! I like the first one better, though. I think it has more crisp lines and that tinge of brown-ish yellow is not there.

Anonymous Laurena said...

I personally like this one better. It's more dynamic, feels like it's moving more. More foreboding, too. Like it's leaning in toward me.


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