Friday, June 25, 2004

Singin' in the rain

I love to sing, as I kind of hinted at in this entry. I would say this is my favorite thing to do, other than play frisbee and dream about Subaru's of course. If you want some music that is really fun to sing to and you can never get tired of (at least this is how it is with me) then O.A.R. is the band for you. The reason I love these guys is because...well my friend Robb has a nice way of putting it, "they are too happy". But other than that, I think these guys have good messages and, just good music. I hope you guys enjoy. And if you got any beef with my boys, just leave a comment and I'll set you straight.


Blogger Hinton said...

OAR are OK at best.

Ultimate is cool every now and then.

Subaru's... well, they just plain suck.

Blogger David said...

Subarus are the best cars ever....if best is another word for worst. Just kidding. I like subarus too.

Blogger Todd Q. said...

OAR rocks my face. And yours. And anyone with ears.
Good call mikey.

Subarus on the other hand....


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