Monday, August 09, 2004

Recent Past, Near Future

Another great weekend was spent with some people close to my heart. Marissa, Dave, and Michael came down Friday and stayed the night until early Saturday afternoon. During that time we enjoyed the spacious (1/100,000 acre), and peaceful (Huh, what's that? Wait till this semi goes by) "backyard," cooked some wonderful "mama's recipe" chili, and afterwards, spent quite a splendid time at the waterfront playing some ultimate. Michael commented on how he had a wonderful time. I'm really glad they were able to come down. This time Momo and Ashley actually stayed and hung out with us. It was amazing to see enemies coming together.

I got an "A" in my History 102 class. I'm happy about that, obviously. I guess I should start working on my co-op report here soon. Man, I really do not like doing co-op reports. I'm just going to copy and paste from my previous reports, and pretty much just BS the whole thing. That's pretty much sums up what everyone does, unless you're Adam who tries to write the best report. What a tool.

T-minus 9 work days left of co-op forever. I am so ready to get back to living a normal shift and not working for Messer anymore. Plus I'm excited about starting classes. I like to be busy (at work I'm not busy at all) and because I think these classes are going to be very interesting, at least my speed classes. Here are my classes for the Fall 2004 semester. Ahhh...Fall. I love the Fall.

  • ARTH 203: Introduction to Art

  • CEE 401: Professional Practice

  • CEE 402: CEE Seminar

  • CEE 422: Steel Design

  • CEE 450: Geomechanics

  • CEE 451: Geomechanics Lab

  • CEE 470: Surface Water Hydrology

  • HUM 216: Introduction to World Religions


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