Thursday, August 05, 2004

Today, Tomorrow

Today was my last day of History 102, the history of civilizations from 1500 to the present. That class wasn’t too bad. It was only three days a week for a month. I guess the only thing that was rough about the class was sitting in it for two and a half hours. Other than that this class was a piece of cake…having three tests of multiple-choice questions (gosh I love A&S classes) as our only grades. Another reason to love A&S classes is the insane amount of hot girls that are present in them. It is quite a change from Speed classes, let me tell ya.

Today was a very nice day…the sun shining bright and the temperature a mild 76 degrees. It reminded me of fall, a season that I love, especially the beginning of it, when the leaves are beginning to change and it is not too cold. I was sitting in my car with the windows rolled down studying and listening to O.A.R. before my class. I started to stare through my front window. I watched the rustling leaves and as I listened to them, a breeze entered my car. I was overtaken with a feeling of total freedom. I felt young again, enjoying the outdoors at my childhood country home. I didn’t care about the upcoming test anymore. All my worries disappeared. I was totally caught up in the moment and high on life. Wow, O.A.R. must be some crazy

Tomorrow Marissa, Dave, and Michael are coming down from NKY to see me. It should be a blast. I’ll show off my new apartment and we’ll just hang out, REAL friends style.


Blogger David said...

What's a hot girl? Is that some form of a calculator???

Blogger David said...

Oh yeah, Ultimate at the Waterfront tonight. 8:00 PM.

Blogger Michael-Fay said...

Hey, I just discovered why they call it Ultimate!! Mikey was right; ultimate at the waterfront kicks a**. Thanks for another awesome trip to the Ville, Sends. The apartment looks great, and your roomie is almost as cool as you!! ;) - Man that was some good chili...


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