Sunday, September 17, 2006

Grant's Lick Nights #4

If you remember, back in January I attempted to capture the seeming movement of the stars around Polaris, the North Star. During the first attempt, I wasn't exactly sure how long I needed to expose the photograph in order to see movement, and with my old camera, I had to take multiple shots and combine them in order to do that. At this point, I still have to do that until I can get a wireless remote for my camera. Now, with previous experience, I took more photos (12 exposures each 30 seconds in length and a total time between the first and last exposures of six and a half minutes). This produced a much more noticeable result. Once I get my wireless remote, I plan on taking fewer photos with exposure times of perhaps a couple minutes each.

9/15/2006 from approximately 9:20-9:27pm


Blogger Kevin said...

Stars (the ones I can see due to the city lights of the 'Ville) look blurry like that to me too usually. Instead of camera tricks, I use beer and walking on Bardstown Road.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like how this is framed half way by the trees. I also like the blurring effect; it seems as though,by their allignment, you can see the earth spinning. This is me.


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