Sunday, December 03, 2006

Eden & Jade

The ever beautiful Eden and Jade (left to right). This was taken at the first annual Freudenberg Family Holiday Get Together, which went very well. I hadn't seen these two in, I think, almost a year and missed them very much. Past times consisted of chasing them around and of course taking pictures as they excitedly posed. I wondered that if a year later they would be grown out of this and maybe be shy around the camera. No. They were around me all night constantly telling me to "Take a picture!", and of course, I ate it up. Eden here is being silly as she was all night, and Jade provides her classic smile.

12/2/2006 at 8:21pm

Through the years...


Blogger Michael-Fay said... saw them less than a year ago at your mom's wedding. fyi :)

Anonymous Clarissa said...

mikey, this picture is beautiful. as are your two little buddies.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Nearly a year later. Their permanent memories are strongly in focus. They ask about you (and Rissa) frequently. They remember their favorite 1st cousins well. What wonderful pictures these are! Thank you for taking these pictures. I'm tempted to copy, but I respect your wishes. With the age difference, I was afraid you both would not get the opportunity or have the interest enough to bond with the twins. That obviously is not the case! Thank you!


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