Friday, October 01, 2004


For the past, well I don't know how long, some stretch of time during my college career, I have been struggling with my faith. So many questions, so few answers...

It started when I first came to The University of Louisville and noticed how Protestant denominations were enthusiastic about their faith. I had never witnessed this kind of passion for one's own faith before. I soon realized that I was lacking in this matter, and I couldn't help but try to change. In the Fall of my Sophomore year, I began singing in the choir for Masses at the Interfaith Center, while my roomie, Matt, played guitar. I also started attending the worship service at the BSU, known as TnT (Tuesday Night Thing), as well as Bible studies Adam put together there. Soon thereafter began my confusion, because I was learning a different set of beliefs and practices. I started to wonder if Catholicism was the right faith for me...

(fast forward to last Tuesday evening)

Because of all the recent discussions*, I was so overwhelmed with confusion. I called my friends, Dave and Michael, back home and had some long talks. Michael left me with a phrase that made feel a million times better immediately, "Let Go, Let God." I realized that I shouldn't be getting so upset over all these questions. I should just believe that God would take care of me and reveal His Truth to me. Thursday night I attended the Bible study that my old roomie, Matt, helps lead at the interfaith center. It was over the Catholic doctrine on the Eucharist. This Bible study was blatantly a message from God. All of my questions and worries disappeared and my Catholic beliefs were reaffirmed in myself. I realized something that I had known and been taught all my life, but, I guess it didn't become real to me until last night: I believe in an infallible doctrine and it can answer all my questions. Read Matt's post for an explanation of Thursday's Bible study.

I'm going to say now that I am Catholic, and I choose to be so. But there is one thing that I have taken with me which other denominations have showed me. I now have a strong passion for my faith, and I constantly strive to be the person the Jesus Christ wants me to be.

(*Post References: A Reflection, Homosexuality, God Takes Us Back, Let's Play Catch Up, Per Request, Some Thoughts)


Blogger Michael-Fay said...

Can I get an Amen on that!!
(Mikey) Sends, I am so proud of you. Many people never get to the point in their life where they question their faith. As Chris Holmes put it, you have not only just questioned your faith, you have interrogated it. This is the most efficient way (I think) to significantly strengthen your relationship with God.

I'm glad you have finally found out what makes you happy to believe... BUT, as Kris says, "don't ever settle (on your faith), it can always be made better."


Blogger Matthew Purcell said...

That's awesome dude! To take your belief system to the very core and come out with an even better appreciation of what you hold true is truly an amazing thing, and I applaud you for that.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciate your comments, both you of you. Thank you very much.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sends, that was really cool. I am really happy for you. I don't got much else, so hopefully I'll see ya this weekend.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I admire your faith and trust in God. I see you living your faith in your day to day life. And now that you know in your heart that God wants you and wants you to be Catholic, He will shine through even more. So, good luck with your faith and I hope that I will be there for some of your faith journey.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Katie. That means a lot to me. :)


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