Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Ramblings

"Jesus Christ is risen today. Alleluia." Sorry, just singing the song we opened up with at church this morning...

Saturday was OK on the part of celebrating Easter with my dad. It's just so hard to talk to your dad and other family members when they are complete strangers. What you talk about is so superficial, and it's always the same. Bleh, I hate feeling like this because my feeling definately come out in my writing.

Today went well. I went to church and then down to my aunt's house to celebrate Easter. I could only stay for about 20 minutes though because I had to come down to Louisville again so I could study for my Water Supply test tomorrow. However I got to see people I love and celebrate (briefly) Louisville's win. I also watched the Kentucky game vs. Michigan state. I really wanted UK to win and I was pumped when Sparks made a last second 3 point shot to tie the game at the end of regulation. But, you know, I gave up cheering for them in OT and double OT because they didn't play like they wanted to win. You don't stand around for 2 whole possessions and then decide, oh, maybe I should try to score with no shot clock left. And guess what it came down to at the end...a 2 possession game. Hmm...funny how that works out. I'll continue cheering for Louisville though. My boys play like they want to win.

In other news...
I gave up ping-pong for lent...that's 40 days and 40 nights without ping-pong.
Lent is now over.
Today...Matt Morris challenged me to a out of 3 games...I had to play completely cold (no warming up).
I beat him 2 games to none.
He said it couldn't be done.
Did you see that comeback by UofL?!!
Ok, I'm finished bragging now.

Friday, March 25, 2005


Happy Good Friday everyone! Today, we Christians remember the day Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. :) Let us give thanks!

Ok, well obviously it's Easter weekend if today is Good Friday. I'm heading home to NKY here soon to hang out with the fam. I will also get to see my dad this weekend. In case you don't know the relationship we have, read here. I'm really excited to be able to see him on Saturday. I really hope our relationship can begin to strengthen. Not to mention that UofL plays against West Virginia that day for a spot in the final four. Maybe we can sit down and do a father/son basketball. :) We'll see.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Spring Break

Although Panama City Beach, FL wasn't as sunny as I had hoped, I still had a great time. I got to pack up 4 people and 4 people's stuff into and onto the Subaru, set up camp, go to the beach when it was sunny, play some ultimate with some people on the beach, make a sand castle, get up with the birds and sun and go running, meet some camping neighbors from Mobile, Alabama, borrow wood that actually burned from our neighbors, stay up late playing cards out of the rain with an awesome family from Tennessee, wake up in a puddle, sleep in the Subaru, rescue Matt, Jessica, Mary, Erin, and Cory from the flood, workout, go bowling, eat free pancakes, drive off-road and through a foot of water, play putt-putt, eat seafood that came in a "boat" to the table, do goofy stuff, "babysit" 3 campmates, drive my campmates to a club, drive back to club ten minutes later to give campmates their jackets, eat out at Jessica's favorite restaurant (Applebees), practice throwing a hatchet, go to the beach when it wasn't sunny, chase seagulls, keep Momo away from Alligators, make a human pyramid so Adam could get a free video card, visit Beach Reach friends, attend a worship service, and see God in His awesome creation.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hell Week -> Spring Break

Gosh dang. What a week. A week, that could probably qualify for the worst/busiest week I've experience in college.
  • Water Homework
  • Water Quiz

  • Tuesday
  • Design Tasks 9, 10
  • Take Home Concrete Test
  • Construction Materials Presentation

  • Wednesday
  • Economics Homework

  • Thursday
  • Concrete Homework
  • Design Tasks 11, 12
  • Foundation Test

  • Friday
  • Economics Test

And last weekend, when I should had been working on homework all day saturday, was the day that I had an ultimate tournament and E-Ball. Of course I really have no complaints. I wouldn't have traded that weekend for anything in the world. UL-timate did really well in a round-robin in Berea, and E-ball, well, recall here and here. But it just made this week a little bit harder. But it's almost over, and spring break is within reaching distance. Panama City, here I come baby!

Monday, March 07, 2005

E-Ball 2005

           2 years since my last E-Ball
           1 senior year
           1 awesome date
           2 sweet roommates
   1000 way cool friends
           3 hot outfits
+        1 Dragostea Din Tei dance sequence

           1 SUPER-DUPER TIME!

This E-Ball was by far the best ever (at least out of the two that I've been to). In order to keep up with Apartment tradition, and because of the dance sequence, Matt, Robb, and I decided to coordinate our dress. After many hours spent at the mall, we finally came up with what you see here or here .

Instead of going with exact matching outfits like we did for the Christmas party, we went with the different color scheme. This is something we all agreed on, however, we didn't agree on the undershirt, necklace,and glasses issues. I thought we should where glasses that matched our shirts. Robb and Matt wanted the aviator glasses. The no undershirt and necklace idea worked well with the aviators, however, I think the undershirt was better for the colored glasses.

I call myself the apartment equalizer. Robb and Matt are always on one side of the spectrum. I, on the other. In order to keep a perfect balance, I come into the equation. Therefore, we went with both styles in order to give an accurate representation of the apartment.