Tuesday, July 27, 2004

An Update

I just got the internet hooked up in the new apartment. I'm excited. So that's why I haven't updated in a while...Michael you inconsiderate bleap head. Anyway, I'm really liking this new place. It's really cool because there are quite a few people around us that Matt and I know, so I think this place is going to kick some butt, not to mention that there is a sweet "back yard" area where we can toss frisbee.

Matt just had his knee surgery (he tore his ACL) done Monday morning. He came home feeling awful because the morphine wasn't agreeing with him too well. He's feeling much better now though. Mama Morris is staying with us also to help out with Matt. I asked her if she wanted to take Robb's place so that she could cook for us all the time. Well, at least I tried. Jordan has been coming over too (obviously because he lives in the same complex, and I'm sure he likes us better than his roommate). So, I've been seeing him a lot and I'm beginning to really like that guy.

Only three and a half weeks left of night shift. Woo Hoo! When people ask me how co-op is going, all I can say is, "I'll be glad to be done." Now it's not too bad I suppose, but this night shift business really wears a guy out. They say you get used to it after a while. That's true to a certain extent, but I can never make it through the night without almost falling asleep. If you stop moving, it's extremely hard to try to stay awake. So it'll be good once co-op is over, but then I don't know what I'm going to do for money, especially if I'm going to buy the car below (haha). I don't think there's any way I can have a job and go to school at the same time. Oh well, it'll work out.

Take care everyone.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

The New Apartment

Well, Momo and I are pretty much finished moving into Bent Creek. The only thing we have left to get are the washer and dryer (which I happen to be in NKY to get right now), an entertainment center, and either a couch or some more chairs. Our living room is rather lacking on furniture, and it is pretty much empty space right now. Other than our rooms, we are pretty much still in the process of organizing everything right now, which happens to be my favorite part of moving. I love being able to take a bunch or randomness and make some order out of it. Momo is the same way, and I guess that is why we make such good apartment mates when it comes to keeping the place nice. In fact, Anson refered to our last apartment as "the cleanest apartment I have ever seen."

Tuesday, July 20, 2004


This topic, among others, is something I have debated over with friends, and have tried to come to a final stance on, however with no success thus far. If you are in the same situation, come follow the arguments in Adam's journal. So far there have been 4 posts and many comments.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Derby Bowl recap

Well, needless to say, UL-TIMATE got a butt woopin' this weekend. Saturday began a day of games for seeding in which our record was 0-4. Sunday we played one more game to get our final seeding, in which we lost, and then we began the tournament. Our first game of the tournament was against Western Kentucky, a college club team. Hey guys, do you remember our game against Western Kentucky? One of their handlers/mids was a guy named Tony (I don't remember his last name). He was in our Summer League. He is a really good thrower and a quick little piece of...(yea). Anyway I was marking him most of the time. We did very well against these guys. I forget was the halftime score was, but I'm thinking it might have been around 8-3 Western. We fought back in the second half and won it 16-14. But that was pretty much our glory for this tournament.

This being our first time in a tournament and playing together, I think we did well. I could definitely see our progress playing as a team as the weekend went on. This was a good experience and I'm glad we did it. It's not everyday you unite JP's Jacobians and Waq-a-Shaq.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Derby Bowl!!

Here are some words to live by from our captain.  I thought these were well worth posting... 

The talk: ever since we all committed to compete and represent uofL in Derby Bowl, i have become more and more excited about this as it has gotten closer.  And here it is, we're just a day away before we compete with our sport in a way that we have never done.  I feel that we are very prepared and have taken the time to get better and have a better understanding for the game.  All i ask of you this weekend is that we all compete.  And when i say compete, i mean that we never let up for one play in this tournament.  Though we are not as experienced as most teams entering this weekend, I believe that our chemistry and how hard we'll play will make this an enjoyable competition.  So we might drop some passes, miss some cuts, make some mistakes.  SO WHAT.  If you turn it over, work that much harder to make them turn it over and get it back.  Don't get down on yourself of each other.  Just remember to play for the moment, and believe that every minute you play can make a difference in the outcome if you work as hard as you can.  Work together, we have 13 good athletes and we'll have plenty of bodies to sub.  When you're on the field, play for each other and work hard every play. 
So... Tomorrow night, watch rocky, read about steve prefontaine, drink water, and get ready.  Get ready because satuday is going to be intense and a lot of  fun.  This is going to be our day to represent and compete for each other and UofL.  Believe that this weekend we will truly be UL-TIMATE.

Let's go get 'em!

Friday, July 16, 2004

Funnies 2

I was at the grocery today and I overheard something funny: 
5 year old girl: Hey, this milk is better.  It has NO fat in it.
Mom: No, we are getting the 2%.
5 year old girl: Why would you want to get the 2% milk instead of FAT FREE milk?  This milk has NO fat in it.

To me this little girl seems a bit young to be worrying about fat intake.  Oh well.  That was funny wasn't it?  Laugh!


I don't understand why my co-workers feel that I should be drinking all the time.  Most of them are always suggesting bars that I should go check out or inviting me to go out with them and get drunk.  I really don't understand why drinking has to be a part of so many people's lives when it comes to having a good time.  Not that I have anything against drinking or alcohol, especially if you use your head.  In fact, I will drink every once in a while, but I have never gotten drunk.  I don't see the need for it.  I really don't know why I am the way I am when it comes to this subject.  If I am in a situation where I could drink, I always shy away from it, I think because I know that I don't need alcohol to enjoy myself.  Well, that's my short little speech on that.  Phew, I need a drink.  :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

¡Muchas Gracias!

I just wanted to post a thank you to everyone who came down this past weekend to see me play kick butt in the Louisville Ultimate Coed Summer League Tournament. Thank you Dave, Kramer, Tony, Sarah, Sarah, Smess, Brea-Anne, Michael, Lubbers, Steve, and Kris. I love you guys.

Friday, July 09, 2004

No Way, José

This is the awesomest (I guess in this case, ultimatest thing) ever. I just discovered, and it looks as though Ming has too, that there is Ultimate on TV!

OH Golly, I can't contain myself.


Hey everyone, I did some research on the internet and I found out what is wrong with my leg. Ok, so I pretty much had a good idea what it was, but...now I know for sure because I found a description that matches perfectly. Check out this description on shin splints if you are curious. And if you're not, do it anyway because not only did I go through the trouble of making a link...I made a link that opens in a new window.

Hmm, so am I going to play in the summer league tournament on Sunday? That's a good question. I really want to, so I think I might hop in as a handler, because I won't have to move around too, too much. But if you know me, I'll probably volunteer to be long and mid as well. Will I ever learn?

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Various things

Today is the day I start my one summer class. I'm taking History 102, which is basically the history of civilizations between the year 1500 and the present. If you are wondering why I am taking a class while on co-op, it's because I changed majors my second semester from Computer Engineering to Civil Engineering. I realize that these two have nothing in common, but I came to college wanting to be either of these, and now I am only interested in one of these (at least I hope I'm interested). Oh, but anyway, when I changed major I fell behind one elective, and so now it's catch up time for me.

Well, it looks like University Park Apartments is not going to work out. Matt and I are really wanting to move into another place (Bent Creek...really because this is the only choice we have left) but it's just a matter of getting Robb to move in with us and not hate us forever (Robb really wants to move into UPA). He said he wouldn't back out on us though, so I guess that just leaves the "hating us forever" part. Oh Robb, please don't throw away the friendship that we started two summers ago.

My leg still hurts. I hurt it playing ultimate a couple of weeks ago and continued playing on it, so it never got better. I've been icing and heating it this past week. Sometimes it feels better and sometimes it doesn't. It's weird. I really want it to be better for Sunday so I can kick some butt in the summer league tournament. Oh well, I'll have another chance...there's another tournament the following weekend.

Well, that's it. I'm off to start my class.

Monday, July 05, 2004

4th of July Weekend

This weekend was a blast. I went back to NKY so that I could get a free washer and dryer from my uncle, and it turned out that I got to do a lot more than just get those. Friday night, I got to spend time with my sister and my real friends at the movie theater watching a totally awesome movie...Spider-man 2. Saturday, I went to pick up the washer and dryer from my uncle's house. After that I was planning on heading back here to the Ville for Ultimate practice, but I decided against that to let my leg heal. Saturday I went to my friend Steven's house for a late birthday party. We tossed frisbee (my brilliant idea), made smores by the bonfire, watched fireworks, and watched a movie. Sunday, I was planning on coming back to the Ville early, after dropping by the Wagner's 4th of July party. But my real friends talked me into staying there a tad longer. Swimming, tossing frisbee, playing 21 in the pool, eating, and sitting in the hot tub were popular activities at this shin dig. Well, here I am, finally back in the Ville. I think I'll toss frisbee a little before it's time to go to work. I'm outta here guys. Hope you had a good weekend.